Halloween ride at Lago di Garda

Geplaatst op donderdag 5 november 2015 om 13:47

Halloween RideA beautiful lake, sunshine, enthusiastic women on bikes: the perfect mix for an amazing ride and day! Our Italian pro-cyclist Valentina Scandolara started the day in Garda with a "buongiorno" to the brave women (and few men) who showed up! We rode along the lake.. Vale always says Garda is her favourite place in the world and everyone today realized why… It is stunning there!!!


We soon splitted the group and met each other again in Brenzone for a good Italian coffee, right on the lakeshore. We took time to chat with each other and snap some funny pics. We enjoyed our way back, always talking with the girls and answering a lot of their questions, asking some on their daily life, and - yes, we say that again, as it's never enough - loving our view on the lake: Vale is 100% right! Once we got back to Garda, we greeted some of our new friends, promising each other that this will be just the first of more rides like this, and stayed for lunch with the few girls who could stay longer.


We found out that Loes made friends with a waiter in the morning, as he shouted something in Dutch to her in the square, and we therefore decided to sit at his restaurant's table. This was an awesome choice as we had a really good lunch and very polite service. We talked about the day, and one of the best comments we got was 'it felt like a schooltrip, everybody was so excited'!


That's what makes us happy and tells us that we reached what we (and Strongher) aim for: to bring women together, ride and share stories with them, and feel, at the end of the day, that each one of us got home enriched and had a very good time. We hope to live a day like today very soon.


Thanks to everyone involved,


Vale and Loes!


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